What is it?

SSherder is a PADherder-inspired web application to help Soccer Spirits players manage their collection of characters. Users can manage the characters they have in-game, which involves adding/deleting characters and editing their attributes (level, power-up amount, etcetera), doing so provides analytics regarding their evolutions and chains. Users can manage their materials (how much of each they have), this shows the user which evolutions are currently eligible, they can also create formations with the characters they have here.

The goal of SSherder is basically to make playing more manageable, achieved by tackling aspects of the game which are a huge pain to keep track of: chains, evolutions, all the many formations a player might use for CoD/CoT/general & more.

Additionally, the site has some game data and miscellaneous tools available to everyone (not just registered users), this is mostly just remnants of the old site such as the chain calculator.


Profile. Users can share their character collection and their formations if their profile is set to public.


This project is only supported via donations. There's no ads, tracking scripts, premium features, etc.

If you'd like to donate, I'd definitely appreciate it. Donations only go towards server costs, any excess is used for next month's fee. Contact me on Discord (zkwp#7907) or reddit if you have any questions/problems, or if you want to confirm I've received a recent donation.