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Posted by zkwp on Thu 07 Dec 2017 07:53

The past year or so I've been pretty quiet for two main reasons:

  • Not playing as much as I used to, I was obsessed with the game from 2014-2016
  • SSherder's usefulness decreases as BB adds QoL features (not a bad thing, good on them), this includes things like sorting characters by chain completion, viewing a character's reverse chains, cloud CoT saves and so on, all things which SSherder was able to provide before they were added in-game

There was a limit of what SSherder could provide users because most users aren't going to bother constantly and manually keeping their SSherder data synced with their in-game data, chains/ownership is what most users are comfortable with updating, anything else, like characters, formations, etc, is just too much and not worth it.


Solution to above is magically automatically syncing your game data with your SSherder account.

At the time of writing, SSherder-Sync supports syncing characters, formations, manager presets, material counts, chain/ownership and profile data. There's no mobile version right now, so emulating is the ideal method, it may be possible for mobile devices to proxy to PC or connect to PC via wireless access point and have it work all the same, we'll see. If not or if it's too troublesome, then it may be time for me to start learning a bit about Android development.

Anyway, this is still pretty early in development, so let me know about any problems you encounter if you use it, preferably in the issues section, but here is fine too if you don't want to bother registering on GitHub. It'll also be open sourced some time in the future.

API Changes

To accommodate above, there's been a few changes but only to the user API. Game data API is all the same.

  • UserProfile
    • 'chain_eligibility_method' field has been dropped, the default and only method for determining eligibility for chains is via UserBaseCharacter ownership status, which can be conveniently set in bulk in the Chains section
    • 'server' field now has 4 options, aligned with BB's servers: 0: Global, 1: KR, 2: Galaxy, 3: Universe/JP
    • 'ace' field added, references an owned UserCharacter
    • 'manager_preset' field added, tracks your active manager preset
  • UserCharacter
    • 'bigball_id' field added, used by SSherder-Sync to determine if a UserCharacter should be updated or created
    • 'amplified_level' field added
  • UserFormation
    • 'formation_index' field added, this is a bit stupid, but I did it to not mess up existing formations and groups, formation_group 1-10 are now custom while 0 is used for synced formations, formation indexes 0-6 are reserved for main formations, 10-19 for manager presets and 101-150 for saved CoT formations
    • 'ace' field dropped and replaced with 'ace_index' which tracks the position of the ace character, 0-9 (Extra not allowed, starts from top and left to right)
    • 'extra' field added, UserCharacter object
    • 'extra_index' field added, tracks position of extra, 0-11 (the gaps between characters and their bounds, 4 each row)

Site Update

I've done a bit of reshuffling and updating. There's a few new things:

Profile Sidebar

Shows some profile info and links to the user sections which used to be on the top navbar. Those user sections (chains, formations, etc) are now loadable without having to do a page reload, no more delay for switching sections and it puts a little less stress on server because it'll only grab all your game data once. UserCharacter list still has a slight delay to render giant 400+ character lists, currently looking in to it, the majority of the delay is the browser, not the processing which happens right before, will probably move managers to manager preset section.

Formation Section

On top of your existing formation groups, you'll notice 2 new groups, Main and CoT. These can be automatically updated with SSherder-Sync. The cluttered and useless list of characters on the right of each formation has been scrapped, the plan is to have it provide some useful analysis and an option to export the formation to the damage simulator tool. The editor is also a bit rushed, didn't have enough time to flesh it out before today's game update. And UserFormations can finally have an 11th slot (Extra/Support), it only took over a year.

Manager Section

Similar to the Main and CoT formation groups, manager presets can also be automatically updated with SSherder-Sync. You can select an active preset, then other sections of the site will use that info when determining things like character stats.

There'll also be some Manager Trip tracking/analysis in the future. Would be cool if currently active trips were synced, then the site can display notifications to you when they're finished.


The main reason I was holding back on updating the site's CSS was because it started with an alpha version of Bootstrap 4. Since the site started (about 1.5 years ago), we've gone from alpha.2 to beta.2, progress! So I'm starting to finally update a lot of old things.

KR Localization

Considering KR translations of game data is just as accessible as English translations, it's not much effort for the site to support the KR playerbase, so if you're Korean and don't know a lot of English but you're strangely okay with reading this, try it out (I should probably announce this on DCInside or Naver).


Automatic syncing opens up lots of possibilities, many of which I would've previously rejected because it would be too much of a hassle for users to manually handle. So going forward, the site will focus a lot more on features which make full use of all game data. Some of these features may include: stone syncing, manager trip tracking, searching up other players by their IGNs/ace/rank, and more. And I'll be working on improving ssherder-sync to sync more useful things.

Site's backend might also be rewritten in Go one day. If it does, there might be a maintenance for a few hours or a day or so, with a warning prior.